rolands first post

Roland’s First Blog Post

Behold, just a few of Roland’s many masterpieces!

rolands picture 2

Roland’s description of the drawing above:

It’s a big house.  The top arches are supposed to be spooky doors, but he forgot to put door knobs on them!  Apparently all of the doorknobs fell off the doors.  Notice all of the spooky windows up and down the big house.  This is a house of many doors.  They are like eyes watching you.  There is a lab underneath the floor of this building.  Notice the two doors that are on each side of the building.  They are hanging off and if something is too heavy they could fall.  If it falls, it doesn’t break though because it’s an elevator that falls!  There is no electricity that moves it up and down.  They just fall.  When they are at the bottom, someone pulls a rope that pulls them up, because they are only about 5 pounds, and that’s not even heavy.  Do you see the lantern on the right side of the building in the middle?  It is on top of the eye, and if you are too heavy, you might fall into the eye, and inside of the eye is pretty dark.  It is pretty dark inside of the eye.

Here is another drawing Roland made today:


rolands second drawing.


Well, those hills, are actually just lots and lots of doors.  Those big white openings are just garage doors.  They don’t hold anything, because you could fall into them!  They are just big holes in the ground.  Don’t mind the big swirly, because that’s just rickety old door.  At the bottom right, those are just steps up to the top floor, but the top floor of the top floor is what we already talked about.  On the left side, do you see the ladder?  The ladder goes to a door.  The door opens to the nothing room, where there are many doors that open to the other doors on top of the building.  Those eyes of the door are just watching you to make sure you are not up to no good.  There is gold at the top of the building.  The thing on top of the real door is probably just dynamite.  You can’t see the big door, because it is scribbled up and you don’t go through it anymore.  No one has ever been through it for 100 years!