How to Quickly Get Rid of a Cold

I want to point out up front that I am not a doctor.  The following results that I have had are by simple testing on myself.  If you are interested in utilizing my method on how to quickly get rid of a cold, it is important to understand that I am not an expert, and you should consult your doctor if you have any questions regarding Quercetin.  I am also a thirty-four year old white male who experiences cold’s like many other males experience cold symptoms.

We suffer greatly when we get colds.  The world as we know it is ending, and we dream of one day being able to breathe out of our inflamed and irritated sinuses.  Us men are often ridiculed by women who obviously can not possibly understand the pain that we go through when we get what they call “man colds.”  These man colds are similar to the man flu, but have minor differences in the pain levels. 

I am sure you have all seen the meme’s out there making fun of us men.  Well that no longer is necessary after I drop this valuable information on you!  Thousands of people every month search for “how to quickly get rid of a cold.”  Many of the results push things like vitamin C, and anti-viral magical cures that are obviously effective since the internet is never wrong or misleading.  I often spend weeks fighting colds, and they often turn into sinus infections, and then morph into bronchitis until I finally break down and go to the doctor for an antibiotic.

How Long does the Common Cold Last?

How long does the common cold last?  It seems like my 5 year old gets the common cold and he is over it in a matter of a couple of days.  He obviously is not a man yet, and when he does become a man, this cold will be much much worse.
You are probably wondering why I haven’t given you my super awesome secret cold remedy yet right?  Well you know those cooking recipes on the internet that have all of those lovely words and stories to go along with them?  Those stories are important, and I hope you read all four thousand words before you jump into making that pecan pie this holiday season.

Content writing is an art in my opinion.  If you can’t write something that people can laugh and cry over, you might as well buy yourself a schwan’s truck and drive around selling frozen fish sticks to people door to door.  Believe it or not, but I did in fact do the keyword research on “Schwan’s” and people google that company over a hundred thousand times per month.  So selling fish sticks door to door may not be a bad gig.  No offense to any Schwan sales people.

Back to the question of how long does the common cold last.  It varies for most people, but men get it the worst and we can be completely out of commission for weeks.  I of course have always been after a quick remedy for the cold.  When I had the farm, I did everything I could to boost my immune system and improve the amount of probiotics I was consuming to combat the cold.  I have finally found something that works for me!


When I first heard about this magical cure, I was pretty skeptical since nothing has been able to clear me up in a short time, but I of course tried it, because I will do virtually anything to rid myself of a man cold.  Quercetin is labeled as an immune system booster and aids in allergen response.  For years I would always push vitamin C, and all it did was make my pee turn fun colors which is neat to be sure, but did little to actually help me to get over my cold.  

At the onset of most colds, I would push vitamin C and drink a bunch of hot herbal tea to help fight off the infection, which did a whole lot of nothing in my opinion, but it is fun to think like we can make a difference by drinking hot liquid teas.  This recent cold I had, I decided to fight it using a method a friend of mine suggested.  Let’s be honest, if someone you trusted claimed that they took a random pill that cured them of their illness, it makes perfect sense to try it on yourself right?  Well that’s just what I did.

The Quercetin that I have a link to in this post is the exact brand I purchased from Amazon.  It comes with 60 capsules each dosed at 250mg per pill.  The bottle suggests taking 2 pills per day. 
I started one evening by taking one pill right before bed with a glass of water.  I ended up waking up in the middle of the night parched and needing to drink almost an entire 12 ounce glass of water…not sure if this is related to the Quercetin, but it is worth noting either way.  The next day I took one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.  By that evening I already started to feel like my congestion was clearing up a bit, and I was constantly thirsty needing to drink quite a bit of water.  By day 3, I took two pills at once in the morning, and by the afternoon I could breathe through my nose without the help of my mouth.   That is a big deal for me, because once I get a nasty cold and my congestion hits, I literally become a mouth breather.  No usage of my nose at all, and it drives me nuts.

3 days and I can breathe again.  This is a record for me, and I plan on doing further testing once I get the next cold.

What is Quercetin?

What is quercetin you may ask?  I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what it was until I decided to look it up after I had positive results with it.  I have literally tried all kinds of remedies and this is the first one that I have had good results with.  This may very well be a fluke, and a one time deal, but I will definitely try it again when I get my next cold.   Many sources say that it is an anti-inflammatory that is derived from common foods like onions, apples, berries, and red wine.  If you look up what webmd says about it, they claim that it can reduce swelling and kill cancer cells, which is not backed up by any evidence of course.  I take this with a grain of salt.  Last time I looked up symptoms I was experiencing from a stubbed toe, they convinced me I was dying of cancer so…there is that.  If you are still not convinced, do your own research and search “what is quercetin.” If you are interested in trying it out, please follow my link to the item.  When you purchase things through my affiliate links, it helps me out and supports my fun hobby of reviewing things that I regularly purchase.