Best Moka Pot

I have made a lot of coffee over the years.  I have spent many years perfecting my daily cup of coffee and have found the best moka pot to make premium espresso coffee right on your stove top without any special expensive equipment.  You may be wondering, “what is a moka pot?”  A moka pot makes strong coffee.  Not as strong as a traditional espresso, but it is very close to it.  I have been making coffee like this for almost 10 years now, and I have no plans of changing my process one bit.

The moka pot that I have used over the years and have had little trouble with is the Bialetti moka pot (shown above).  I have used other brands and have not been very impressed with them.  The Bialetti is by far the best moka pot to make coffee with.  There are many reasons why this method of making coffee is superior to all others:

  1. There is no waste other than the compostable coffee grounds.
  2. The parts on this coffee maker last for many years, and are easy to replace.
  3. You can get some of the strongest coffee through this method, and takes only minutes to make.

There are multiple sizes of Bialetti moka pots.  The one I like the most is the 6-cup version.  I use a Yeti 20 ounce tumbler as seen here, and I like to leave room in the coffee cup to add about 4-6 ounces of heavy whipping cream.  I’ll explain the cream at a later point!

Best Coffee for Moka Pot

I have spent many years searching for the best coffee for moka pot use.  I have tried light, medium, and dark roasts, and many different brands.  I have found a specific brand that I always find myself coming back to.  That is Blackbeard’s Revenge:

Notice that the package states that there are notes of dark chocolate, and roasted almonds.  Let’s pause here and recognize something that is super important to me…

I love chocolate

This coffee when made in the moka pot correctly will have an intense chocolate flavor that when I mix heavy cream with it, I experience an intense flavorful wonderland.  Dark chocolate plus heavy cream is a recipe for some tasty coffee.  Out of the many different types of coffee, Blackbeard’s Revenge is by far the best coffee for moka pot use.  

I purchase the 5 pound bag of whole beans, and I grind about a third of a cup at a time in an electric grinder to make sure I always maintain freshness.  5 pounds of coffee beans may seem like quite a bit, but if you are a coffee drinker, this will go a lot faster than you think.  I grind my coffee beans to a medium-fine consistency.  The resealable bag that the coffee beans come in will definitely help maintain freshness so don’t forget to make sure it stays sealed.

The cost comes out to around .57 cents per ounce, and this is surprisingly affordable for such good coffee.  Many other brands you find will cost well over twice as much. 

Moka Pot Operation

If this is your first time using a moka pot, you are in for a treat.  The first thing that I like to point out is that you absolutely can not put this item in your dishwasher.  In fact, I would avoid using any soap to clean it.  I simply rinse it before every use, and that is it.  There is a rubber gasket that you have to make sure stays in good shape, and the dishwasher will ruin it quickly.  I have used the same rubber gasket for over two years now.  The last rubber gasket I used for over 5 years, and finally decided to just replace it with a new one because they are pretty in-expensive.

The pot unscrews near the center and you have the boiler which sits on the stove, and you have the top portion that will hold the coffee when it is complete.  Fill the boiler with water up to the safety valve height.  Add coffee grounds to your metal filter, and be sure not to press the coffee.  Set the filter in the boiler, and screw on the top part.  

Here is an important step that you need to keep an eye on with your moka pot.  If you choose to use a high heat on your stove, you will need to cut the heat once you start hearing it gurgle.  Make sure that if you have an electric stove you also remove it from the burner so that it does not continue to heat the coffee while it is in the reservoir up top.  

I have burned many batches simply because I forgot the coffee on the stove and it started to boil over.  The coffee is pretty well ruined at this point and you have to start over.

Stovetop Espresso Maker

If you have ever used a stovetop espresso maker, you know that this coffee is some strong stuff.  I stick to just one cup of coffee a day now that I am drinking coffee made using my moka pot.  If I have anymore than one cup, I will literally start sweating in my office chair.  

I like strong coffee, but I also like to have a good flavor.  The Blackbeard’s Revenge coffee has been a coffee that I have gone back to time and time again.  I sometimes like to try new brands that I am unfamiliar with just to see what is out there, but I always end up with my dark chocolate flavored coffee.  I can’t get away from it, and that is fine with me.

If you are curious or have a friend or family member that loves coffee, this may be a great gift opportunity.  The stovetop espresso maker, the coffee, and a grinder are reasonably priced and would make great gifts.

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